When I was asked to look at Swahili for a resource for General Conference delegates, I was both amazed and a bit stunned.  I knew that it was coming.  I knew we had applied and received a grant for media and multilingual resources for print and for the internet, but it still felt different to actually see the mastheads in Portuguese, French and Swahili.  I knew we were doing focus groups in English and French in Africa among United Methodists.

I also knew that as a coalition we were going to hire a Cross-Culture Common Witness Coordinator and had watched the RMN board identify funds and make personal pledges so that it would happen.

I knew, but it didn’t really seem real until I saw the job posting for the Cross-Culture Witness Coordinator go out on the e-digests for RMN and for MFSA.  Then I knew at an even deeper level when the position was funded through the entirety of 2012 and into 2013.  It was real.

For decades, Reconciling United Methodists have built relationships with United Methodists from around the world—in service and partnership, in common cause and Gospel care.  We have heard story after story of connections made and of the desire to advance these relationship but just did not have the resources to do so.  But with the faithful generosity of many, now we do.  Did the world get a bit smaller or just a bit closer?

If you know someone who would be excited about faithfully, non-colonially, transforming our church and world, please let them know about this exciting opportunity with application information here:   http://mfsaweb.org/?p=5952 .

Rev. Troy G. Plummer

Rev. Troy G. Plummer joined Reconciling Ministries Network as the executive director in November of 2003. RMN mobilizes United Methodists of all sexual orientations and gender identities to transform our Church and world into the full expression of Christ’s inclusive love. Troy organizes grassroots efforts coast-to-coast sharing an inclusive Gospel message. He coordinates biennial movement building convocations and provides leadership for LGBTQ equality through nonviolent witness and protest, legislative action, and coalition partnerships at the quadrennial General Conferences of the worldwide United Methodist Church. In 2007, he launched five-years of organizing campaigns to grow the movement.

Prior to RMN, Troy served for 13 years on the pastoral staff of Bering Memorial United Methodist Church in Houston, Texas. He directed Bering’s on-site counseling center for those affected by HIV/AIDS. Outside Bering’s sanctuary in 1999, he performed a “street wedding” for a lesbian couple celebrating 25 years together and facilitated Bering’s equal treatment of all couples policy. He also coordinated Bible Study, mission trips, retreats, and nonviolence training. Facing a bomb threat with 50 other couples, Troy and Walter, shared promises and rings on Freedom To Marry Day, February 12, 2003 for their 5th anniversary.

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