Reconciling Ministries Clergy (RMC)

RMCLogoThe Reconciling Ministries Clergy is comprised of persons called to ordained ministry within the United Methodist Church who summon the church to a deeper level of spiritual and theological integrity in relationship to persons of all sexual orientations and gender identities and their full inclusion in all aspects of the church’s life.

The network is dedicated to active forms of teaching, organizing, strategizing, resistance and support for one another to help the church become more faithful to the radical love of Christ.

Rev. Monica Corsaro is the Director of Social Justice for the Church Council of Greater Seattle. A graduate of Iliff School of Theology, Monica has been a campus minister at the University of Washington and statewide chaplain for Planned Parenthood. She is completing her Doctor of Ministry at Wesley Theological Seminary (in the other Washington), focusing on Spirituality and Story. Monica is an ordained elder in the Pacific Northwest Conference of the United Methodist Church. Monica has been a longtime activist with RMN –she has helped congregations create reconciling statements, was a charter member of the RMN of the Pacific Northwest, and was a spokesperson for RMN at the 2004 General Conference.monicac-150x150
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Contact these leaders for ideas on how/why to form a group in your Annual Conference.

Cal- Nevada – Bud Tillinghast

Cal- Pacific – Bob and Rosemary Davis

Minnesota – Rob Gamble

New England – Dick Harding

West Ohio – Reg Olson & Chet Chambers

Theological Statement Adopted October 23, 2002 Scarritt-Bennett Center Nashville, Tennessee:

We believe in a loving God whose blessed creation is both good in itself and the precondition of grace and covenant.

We believe that the nature and purpose of God are most fully disclosed in Jesus Christ, who comes among us as One filled with grace — teaching, challenging systemic injustice, expressing love, embracing those who have been rejected.

We believe in the abiding presence of the Holy Spirit, present always as an expression of Divine love, drawing us into the heart of God and into new visions of human possibility.

We believe that humankind, though fallible and inclined toward sin, both personal and systemic, is created in the image of God. We recognize that humankind stands always in need of Divine grace, and we humbly confess that the ways of God greatly transcend the grasp of human understanding.

We believe that God draws us into deeper theological understanding through the gifts of scripture, tradition, experience, and reason.

We believe that the church is the Body of Christ, alive and at work in the world. It is God’s intended human community of love and grace – a sign of God’s reign.
We believe, at this critical juncture in our common history as United Methodists, that God has called us to speak a clear word concerning human sexuality. We believe that human sexuality is a good gift from God; however, when misused, it holds the power to do harm. We understand this gift is most fully realized in a context of covenant. Responsible use of sexuality is not dependent on the gender of a partner; rather, it is based upon the faithful, mature, loving, and mutually respectful expression of that gift. When we so live out our sexuality, we are drawn into ever deepening relationships with others and with God.

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