Methodist Students, Seminarians, and Young Adults for an All-Inclusive Church (MOSAIC)

MOSAIC began in May of 1996 at the United Methodist Student Forum in Oklahoma City. A group of college student participants were aggrieved by the decision of the Forum not to encourage the national church assembly to strike homophobic language from church law. In response, several students gathered to create a national student coalition and network in support of ministry inclusive of all people.

MoSAIC is an extension ministry of the Reconciling Ministries Network. We are comprised of students, seminarians, and young adults who affirm all sexual orientations and gender identifications as gifts of God.

We claim the United Methodist Church as a sacred space for sacred people and call it to be an incarnation of the inclusive kingdom of God.

Therefore, we seek to build relationships and engage in conversations with both those who claim the Church and those who struggle to find their place in it.

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