Rev. Bill McElvaney released this statement to his Northaven UMC family.


On March 7 I received a letter from Bishop Michael McKee notifying me that a complaint had been filed by Reverend Camille Gaston in regard to my conducting a same sex wedding service on March 1.  The UM Discipline calls for a supervisory response from the bishop.  This response is intended to be pastoral and administrative, directed toward a just resolution between the parties.  

The bishop will set a date soon for this meeting involving the bishop, Rev. Gaston, me, and a person of my choice.  The bishop’s letter also informed me that he is suspending me from all clergy responsibilities for a period not to exceed 90 days beginning March 7.  The decisions by Bishop McKee are all according to rules established in the UM Book of Discipline.

As this process unfolds, I will keep Northaven informed.  There are a number of possibilities that may arise from these developments.  This first step involves no legal counsel or judicial procedure.   I would like to ask Northaven members to hold the bishop, the complainant and me in your prayerful concerns as this process unfolds.  I encourage no other response to the bishop’s letter at this time.

God’s Peace,
Bill McElvaney

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