As believers in the belovedness and dignity of all persons in God’s good creation, we are all increasingly aware we have our work cut out for us now and in the days ahead. Movement toward the creation of a just beloved community, where we all are free to be fully who we are in worship and in world, is transformational work that takes all of us to achieve.

As the newly established Transgender Community Coordinator, I want to reach out to you and invite you into the work of beloved community-building with me.

I am available to consult, work with, and assist you, in your own communities, as we all seek a more welcoming, accepting, and inclusive church.

Since our work is steeped in interdependence, I also need you to help me connect with transgender persons, families, and allies in your communities with whom I can partner in the work.

As the new Transgender Community Organizer for RMN, Reverend Liam Hooper is pleased and excited to offer the following services to Reconciling Congregations:

  • Educational workshops/training in regard to basic information, issues, theological considerations, and practical processes for accommodation and inclusion of transgender persons in life of the church addressing subjects such as:
    • The differences between sexual orientation and gender identity
    • Respecting proper pronouns/Affirming Personhood
    • Intersectional Awareness-Raising
    • Theology of Welcome and Accommodation
    • How to Be/Become an Affirming, Accompanying Ally
    • History of Gender and Trans-Beingness
    • (and) Workshops designed to your specific needs
  • Workshops specifically for transgender persons in regard to practices and processes for spiritual reconciliation, spiritual growth and development; skills and practices for coping with transition, “coming out” and disclosure, and coping with daily life in general
  • Training for developing peer-led/small group spiritual reconciliation/direction, support groups for couples/individuals, study groups, and/or mentoring
  • Leadership development for community leaders in regard to effective advocacy and service initiatives
  • Leadership development for effective blending of story-telling with public education regarding Trans 101-based training, community conversations, etc.
  • Workshops that explore Biblical stories in the context of gender and sexual ways of being so we can expand our understanding of what it means to be human beings in faithful relationship to God, our Creator, and to God’s vast and diverse continuum of people.

These are, to be sure, difficult and challenging times in the church. Yet, these times are also, I believe, full-to-spilling-over with the promise of Holy Potentiality. I look forward to our shared, co-creative participation that sacred discovery of transforming Spirit among us.

In faith,
Reverend Liam

For discussion, inquiries, and/or arranging for Liam to visit your congregation, please contact him directly at:


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