As a Deacon in The UMC, justice is central to my call.

God has placed on my heart this need for full inclusion…..exclusion is against everything Jesus teaches.

I have studied the Bible extensively under the care of the Reformation Project, and I have started an “Intentionally Affirming” Ministry at my church. However, my church is still diverse in their beliefs about what is ‘sinful’ and what is not, and we have been in transition with new lead pastors. Our movement has been good – but not enough – and frustration is mounting within the team.

I have also taken the risk to follow my God-given call by officiating a lesbian wedding in June 2015. We cannot preach grace and love without addressing this issue by embracing our LGBTQ siblings who love Jesus and desire to be a relevant participator in church communities.

We need younger generations to see our denomination as one who is courageous, grace-filled, and a denomination that is known for its radical hospitality.

Christ have mercy on us; and may we move forward before we lose any more to suicide because they can’t find acceptance in their own skin.

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