Georgia Organizer

Location: Georgia
Salary: Dependent upon experience


This full-time faith organizer will inspire and mobilize United Methodists who proclaimed their Reconciling status to become more visible within their United Methodist faith communities and outside those communities; to engage and build a larger Reconciling Community, with volunteer leadership, through educational programs and workshops; and, to enhance advocacy strategies in Reconciling Communities to counter the harm to LGBTQ people in Georgia. This position is placed in Georgia and work will happen throughout the state in highly populated cities, smaller towns, and rural areas.

  • Highlighted Duties
    • This organizer will follow a detailed plan for work in Georgia from January 2018-September 2018.
    • Through learning and understanding collaborative, collective action methods, the organizer will support and integrate RMN’s activities into the larger statewide nondiscrimination public education campaign plan. Specific partnerships include Georgia Equality, Faith in Public Life, and Freedom for All Americans, as well as other faith communities working throughout Georgia in the Georgia Unites Against Discrimination Coalition.
  • Specific Goals Include
    • Follow the work plan that supports and integrates RMN’s activities into the larger statewide nondiscrimination public education campaign plan. The work plan will involve the following elements:
      • Focusing on regions of the state where RMN’s assets will be most helpful to the overall public education campaign.
      • At least one joint event with other faith groups working in the state through Georgia Equality’s statewide network.
      • Soliciting, supporting, and teaching United Methodist faith leaders and people of faith to submit Letters to the Editor and Op Eds that counter that harm to LGBTQ people, including speaking out on religious freedom restoration acts and anti-LGBTQ rhetoric.
      • Engage and prepare United Methodist Clergy to participate in coalitions working to educate the public about the harms caused by religious-based discrimination. Briefing faith leaders on coalitional faith tables to join. Assist in starting up faith tables where there are none yet.
      • Participating, as needed, in any training programs that support clergy to speak publicly in print and broadcast news venues.
      • Assisting with the identification of social media sites in Georgia to build momentum, inform key constituencies, and ensure coordination and support from the Georgia Unites Against Discrimination digital media efforts.
      • Participating in monthly conference calls and quarterly, in-person meetings to discuss joint work and opportunities for collaboration.
    • Collect metrics on performance as requested.
    • Provide input to grant reporting as requested.
  • Attend trainings, meetings, conference calls, or events as directed by the Executive Director of RMN.
  • Attend trainings by the Haas collaborative group in Georgia to learn and then implement
    • Effective recruiting and leadership development techniques designed for faith communities
    • Target areas of Georgia, as directed by Georgia Equality, to grow Reconciling Communities
    • How to develop and maintain a Power Mapping document to chart where Reconciling Congregations and individuals are, and where in Georgia we could grow our numbers
  • Coaching and Evaluation
    • This organizer will have the support of Georgia Equality Staff for coaching, training, side-by-side working and clarity in their priorities to reach their goals and be fully integrated in their role as RMN organizer
    • This organizer will be evaluated by the Director of Reconciling Ministries Network on a regular basis through conversation and receiving written reports from the organizer.


Please send resume, cover letter, and at least three references to jan@rmnetwork.orgPhone calls will not be accepted. Interviews will be conducted as potential candidates surface.

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