On Saturday, June 26th the California – Nevada Annual Conference passed the following:

Living into a Season of Grace

Background: The California-Nevada Annual Conference established itself as a Reconciling Conference in 1987 and has been continuously committed to being a fully inclusive church. The following are the aspirations of our Annual Conference during the interim of grace before the next General Conference receives and acts on the report from the Special Commission that will be named by the Council of Bishops.

Therefore, be it resolved that The California-Nevada Annual Conference believes the following are unfair and unjust, do not portray the inclusive nature of our tradition nor the hoped for unity of our church, and should not be followed:

(a) Provisions of the Discipline which discriminate against LGBTQIA persons, including marriage (161.B), the incompatibility clause (161.F), ordination and appointments (304.3), homosexual unions (341.6), AC funding ban (613.19), GCFA funding ban (806.9), chargeable offenses pertaining to being “a self-avowed practicing homosexual” or to officiating at weddings for couples regardless of the sex of the partners (2702.1b,d);and

(b) Participating in or conducting judicial procedures related to the Discipline’s prohibitions against LGBTQIA persons.

Be it further resolved that the California-Nevada Annual Conference

will reflect these aspirations, and the commitment to God’s grace and unconditional love, by calling our conference, districts, circuits, and local churches into a season of Holy Conferencing to increase open communication. Also, we request that the Core Team and Conference Council on Finance and Administration develop and fund programs of cultural competency, anti-racism, anti-ageism, anti-sexism, anti-oppression and anti-homophobia training at the conference and district levels, as well as training for advocacy and implementation efforts related to the same. Furthermore, we request that conducting judicial processes be avoided in matters related to prohibitions against LGBTQIA persons.

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