We, the Celebration Choir of Buda United Methodist Church, declare ourselves a reconciling ministry within our denomination and local community. We believe that just as there are varieties of notes and measures in the canon of music, there are multiple expressions of what it means to be human in God’s creation. The Celebration Choir welcomes and affirms singers of all sexual orientations and gender identities. All people who wish to sing praises to God are welcome in our choir.

We believe music can set the mood for worship and we believe the choir can model true Christian community for the church. Therefore, we offer our voices and our lives as expressions of God’s love and hospitality to all people.  

And, just as it takes multiple styles of music to express our deep appreciation for God’s love, we join the Reconciling Ministries Network to express our determination to become a glad and up-lifting melody for all who seek sanctuary in the church of Jesus Christ.

Visit Buda UMC’s website here.

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