In the wake of mass resistance and protest to police brutality and systemic violence in this country, I remain grounded in the belief that alternative narratives must be shared for us to better understand each other and the earth. I believe we as marginalized peoples  (Women, Queer Folk, People of Color, Other Abled,.. etc) play a particular role in the transformation of a culture that is grounded in white herteronomative patriarchal privilege.

We walk on a path of uncovering and healing ourselves from the doubt that makes us distrust our own truth.

We also face the reality that our truth comes as an inconvenience to those who profit comfortably from our exclusion, our silence, and or the superficial tokenizing of our bodies. We find little support in connecting and articulating truth in our own lives let alone in the process of sharing it with others in significant ways.

This is a reality both in the church and within every facet of our society.

The courage that was born in me the day I decided self publish my first book She Speaks | Poetry reflected a personal desire to see models of what a Queer Women of Color artist like me could do and be.

I was tired of being invisible, I was tired of my sisters not having models of what they could do with their spiritually grounded love of expression and healing.

So one day I finally stopped waiting for someone else to tell me I was good enough to share my work on a larger scale. I decided I was intelligent enough to learn how to publish and share my words even if I made a few mistakes along the way – I am human after all. But I also decided to humbly recognize I could not do this on my own, because this was not for me alone. The courage to share our stories is for the benefit of all of us. I considered and still do consider this project as more than a book. It is a form of spiritual ARTivism. It is an example of what can be done in resistance to violent forms of erasure found in mainstream media, culture, politics, and mainline institutions.

I am currently fundraising to self publish my first full length book of poetry because I believe we can be a world dedicated to the idea that diverse stories and perspectives matter. In addition, I believe we as marginalized peoples (Women, Queer Folk, POC.. etc) must reclaim our agency and be producers our own media reflections.

Yet to do this, we must believe and trust enough in our own stories and we must celebrate the courage and faith it takes to do this type of work.

In the words of poet Lucille Clifton:  won’t you celebrate with me/ what i have shaped into/ a kind of life? i had no model./ born in Babylon/ both nonwhite and woman/ what did i see to be except myself?/ i made it up/ here on this bridge between/ starshine and clay,/ my one hand holding tight/ my other hand; come celebrate/ with me that everyday/ something has tried to kill me/ and has failed.

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