Back to School night is upon us.  As most of the parents will be excited to meet the new teacher, hear about the lesson plans, school supplies needed, calendar of events and most important, how much homework will we have this year, I will be looking around the room and be thinking to myself, “I wonder how many of them know that our daughter is transgender?”

At the end of second grade our family knew it was time for Kyle to fully transition to Kylee.  Unfortunately, the First Lutheran School we had been attending since pre-school – wasn’t ready for our transition and they insisted that she keep her hair cut short according to the boy’s dress code.  Well, that wasn’t going to work for our family so we decided it was time for Kylee to attend third grade at our local elementary school.

If you met Kylee, you would never know she was transgender.  Sometimes I think that’s the way it should be.  Then I think, if I don’t share her story how will others learn that being transgender is no big deal? During the last two school years besides her teachers, I have shared Kylee’s truth to the parents of the friends that she has become very close to.  I’ve always felt that they should hear it from me before anyone else.  Each time, they have been shocked but very supportive.

Kylee did share her story with a few of her closest friends last year and she said that they all said they didn’t care and liked her for who she is. 

I’m so grateful for these friends and families that we have been blessed with.

Maybe this year at Back to School Night – I’ll pay more attention to what the teacher is saying instead of wondering how many of them know that our daughter is transgender.  After all, it’s really not a big deal.

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