1) The AWF Reconciling Ministry Friends was unanimously approved as the first RMN group in AWF. Here is our purpose statement:

We commit and pledge to proclaim in words and actions –
• The power of God’s love and grace to create and uphold an open, affirming, and inclusive church in which ALL God’s beloved children are welcomed and embraced. Specifically we welcome, affirm and celebrate people of every race, gender, ethnicity, national origin, culture, tradition, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression.
• The historic doctrine and Wesleyan ecclesiology of The United Methodist Church, rooted and grounded
in the Trinity, in which accountability is marked by covenant and grace.
• A theological task which requires the engagement of Scripture as encountered through the lens of
tradition, experience and reason, which allows for a breadth of faithful understandings.
• A connectional church led by the Holy Spirit in vital mission to and with the world, for the transformation of the church, the world and all of God’s creation.

2) That we will join RMN as individuals and encourage others to join as individuals.

Reconciling United Methodists serve as witnesses to the Church and world of God’s affirmation of persons of all sexual orientations and gender identities. To join, go to https://rmnetwork.org. Joining RMN does not require a donation, and there is no public record.

3) That we will work toward establishing at least one RMN Group in every district.

We intend to plant a RMN group in every district. These groups will not necessarily be based in a specific church but within the district boundaries. The RMN groups will be hubs where POC (People of Color), LGBTQIA+ and allies of diversity may gather to learn, grow and accompany each other through the journey of making AWF a more just, inclusive and affirming conference and church. Groups might meet in a church OR at a more neutral site such as a restaurant where they could be more welcoming to people of other denominations and churches. We not only seek to make our conference more inclusive and just; we also want to make our culture more inclusive and just.

4) That we strive to establish Sunday School classes or small groups in as many AWF churches as possible. And, hoping beyond hope, we envision gathering at this RMN breakfast next year to celebrate the establishment of one or more fully reconciling churches.

Visit Alabama-West Florida Reconciling Ministry Friends’ website here.

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