The Mountain Park United Methodist Church Agape Reconciling Community strives to connect
with our neighbors through The Holy Spirit to transform lives by embracing and celebrating the
diversity of our neighborhood and world. When we gather together in worship, in study, in
mission, and in fellowship, we seek to gather as a complete picture of God’s creation so that we
may grow in our understanding of our faith and each other through God’s grace. As disciples of
Jesus, we recognize that though we may not agree on every issue, all people are created in the
image of God. All are worthy of the call to ministry and the blessing of marriage. We believe
that we must be a place of love, safety, and acceptance for all. We humbly acknowledge that
God’s mercy and grace are limitless and that no rule or human fear can confine the depth and
breadth of God’s love. Consequently, the welcome we offer should be as wide and diverse as
God’s love for us. We recognize that our human failings have caused Christians to exclude and
inflict pain on some individuals and groups. This is not of God. Though we do not have all the
answers, we humbly submit to God’s call to love God and to love our neighbors as ourselves. In
this spirit we repent and stand in God’s grace to resist oppression and exclusion in all its forms
towards all of God’s children. The Agape Reconciling Community at Mountain Park UMC
welcomes and joyously celebrates people of all races, sexual orientations, gender identities and
expressions, ages, religious backgrounds, economic statuses, educations, marital statuses,
disabilities and all other factors that make us individuals. Let us show you that God’s love is real
and alive and that there are no limits set here. Welcome Home.

Visit Mountain Park UMC’s website here.

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