We, the AFFIRMATION LIFE GROUP of Faith United Methodist Church in Champaign, Illinois, hereby declare ourselves to be an Affirming and Reconciling Community. We declare that every person is created by God and is an individual of sacred worth. We bear witness to Christ’s inclusive love and we embrace our diversity as a gift of God. We believe that our faith requires us to welcome all persons regardless of their sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, race, ethnicity, nationality, faith tradition, age, physical and/or mental abilities, or socioeconomic status. We specifically affirm the sanctity of marriage and ministry by all persons regardless of their sexual orientation or identification. We therefore pledge ourselves to practice, with love and intentionality, the professed ideals of the United Methodist Church, namely:

Open Hearts: We commit to demonstrate God’s love in action by supporting each other as well as the stranger in our midst, in our community and in our world. We welcome every opportunity placed before us to share the Gospel of Christ’s redeeming love for all humanity.

Open Minds: We specifically affirm our confidence in the Wesleyan Quadrilateral and the role of scripture, tradition, reason and experience in discerning the truth and shaping our faith. We therefore commit to welcoming all who earnestly seek to join us, even to challenge us, in discerning that truth.

Open Doors: We commit to ensure that our doors are open to all people of good will, without exception.

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