God of our future,

We give thanks to you that in Christ Jesus you issue an eternal invitation to join you at the great Welcome Table where All people are nourished with bread, with wine, and with justice.

At this table, Holy One, you build a new community without distinction and without division where the vulnerable and the outcast are mystically joined to Christ. Since we have been raised with him, through the power of the resurrection, grant us strength and confidence for the coming days and transform us into Christ’s resurrected body that we may be a new community where all your people have a home.

As the General Conference approaches, O God, remind us that you have already settled this matter—that justice has conquered oppression, that life has conquered death, and that love has conquered fear.

Help us to claim this promise, to live in Biblical Obedience, and to joyfully proclaim your victory through Jesus Christ who with you and the Holy Spirit, lives and reigns, God for ever and ever.


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