1. People move more in the summer months.

Awareness – With such a large number of people moving in the summer, there will be a number of families who don’t even know your church exists. End of summer is a great opportunity to invite new residents to your church and create awareness!

Socialization – More people move during the summer months than any other time of year. After a move, people are looking for places to shop, eat, go to the doctor, and attend church. New residents have a desire to get to know people in their community. A church can provide a great way to meet new neighbors and assimilate into a new community.

2. People who come to church in the Fall are more likely to “stick”.

Every year pastors are frustrated by the masses of people who show up for Easter and Christmas only to continue their previous habit of non-attendance. People have been conditioned to go to church during these times. During the Back to School season people are prompted to attend church as a lifestyle choice more than as a one-time event. Since the people are not focused on a one-time event they are more likely to return than those who only attend during Christmas or Easter!

3. Fall has become the 2nd New Years.

Summer months are filled with different activities, vacations, and changes in family schedules. Once Fall comes around, people return to a more consistent program. Many people can try to change their live with a new job. So you can find more info here and take this time to refocus their lives.

4. People often re-evaluate their church commitments.

While you no doubt want to be a church who cultivates new members from the unchurched crowd, there’s an opportunity to attract new visitors. After being out of church all summer, some may have become less interested in their previous church. Some people will be in the market to try-out a new church when the fall season rolls around. Many of these people will be seasoned church-goers who may not have been completely plugged into their previous church and have just decided it’s time for a church change.

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Introducing a relevant, timely Fall sermon series to your community and properly marketing it can and should be part of your yearly markeitng budget. If done wisely it may just be the most fruitful season of the year for new growth in your church.

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