On Sunday, January 3rd in Edgerton, Kansas, Rev. Cynthia Meyer came out to her congregation as a woman in a committed relationship with another woman. I’ve been thinking ever since how powerful and beautiful it is each time queer clergy ‘come out’ as she did.

What courage and what strength-in-vulnerability. What faith and trust in God!

It is spiritually inspiring and reminds me to put my trust in God alone.

There is nothing more lovely, more dear, and more disarming to the ‘powers and principalities’ than good old fashioned authenticity in the face of the threat of institutional violence as seen in The United Methodist Church.

No matter what the church says or does in response to Cynthia’s courageous decision to deepen her discipleship, I thoroughly believe that God-is-with-her, Emmanuel–particularly in risk–“a stretcher will come from grace” as Rumi reminds.

God is taking care…

Prayers of gratitude today are offered for risk-taking clergy, for queer folk who are doing great ministry in the name of Love, who make the gospel incarnate everyday with their congregations, and for all those queer clergy who silently suffer within a closet constructed by The United Methodist Church.

May the Love and Light of the Holy One be with all…

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