Resource Description: Reclaiming Church

Reclaiming Church: A Call to Action for Religious Rejects

By JJ Warren

In Reclaiming Church, J.J. Warren continues his call to reaffirm the Church be welcoming to all, including young people like those he led at Sarah Lawrence College who “didn’t know God could love them because their churches said God didn’t.”

The book addresses three points of importance to young people looking to be part of a church community, and a call: 1. The identity and nature of God 2. The role of Scripture in discerning God’s call 3. The author’s own experience of God, church, and identity In the final chapter, “We Are the Church,” Warren focuses on practical and positive steps for joining voices, being heard, building bridges, and working together for young people to reclaim Church in their lives.

Key Features – Affirms to the LGBTQ community and those who love them that the Church is for all. – Inspires younger progressive people to stay within the Church and work to renew the call of ministry. – Explores the Church’s beginnings and emphasis on community. – Calls readers to focus on practical and positive steps to reclaim Church in their lives.

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