From Communications Team

Thank you for your continued support of Rev. Amy DeLong. As the church trial against Amy draws nearer, (June 21-23), the support team for Amy would appreciate your continued and enhanced coverage of this trial highlighting how incompatible with scripture our disciplinary statements are about leadership of GLBT Christians and just plain people – they are also incompatible with our larger Church Tradition, simple Common Sense or Reasonableness, and especially our Experience of abundant living.

Regular notice over the next several weeks would be helpful as the church continues to try to make Amy and this Trial disappear. Schedules continue to be played with, church resistance to basic hospitality need of those attending the trial, multiple changes of church personnel leading the prosecution, a very unhelpful venue for the trial, etc., etc. all have their effect on the trial and its importance. Two of the few resources we have to have this trial have the biggest significance it can are allied organizations and the public media. We hope you will continue to highlight this trial even as there are so many issues to attend to.

Amy is a past representative from Wisconsin to the national MFSA and has many interconnections with RMN.

The latest details are available on the website or our Facebook page.

The closer we come to the trial the more helpful it is to have a sense of how many people will be attending in support of Rev. Amy. There are a couple of links available on the website to a poll or survey of attenders.

We think this could be another crucial bit of movement toward changing our Book of Discipline for the better and I would be glad to respond to questions you have about the coming trial.

Again, thank you for participating in getting the word out about this church trial. We are particularly thankful for the RMN weekly liturgy in preparation for the trial.

If you should need a brief summary of the trial, our bulletin insert might give you some basics.

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