General Conference delegates in Tampa will prayerfully consider an array of legislation that asks the United Methodist
Church to fulfill a core value of the church, full inclusion of all people and respect the diversity of God’s humanity. Each
General Conference support for full inclusion has grown. The Holy Spirit is leading the church toward full inclusion as we
vote to:

  • End the 40 years in the wilderness where some United Methodists are deemed “incompatible with Christian
  • teaching;” John 3:16 says God saves all who believe.
  • Stop the abuse of pastoral authority by those who would deny membership based on a person’s sexual orientation
  • rather than faith in Jesus.
  • Affirm our clergy who are gay or lesbian and are effectively serving our churches, and announce to candidates who
  • are called and qualified that God has opened the door.
  • Refuse to punish clergy who follow their ordination vows to minister to all who seek the ministry of the church at
  • weddings and unions for loving same-gender couples.
  • Refuse to ban another group of United Methodists—this time transgender people—some of whom have served as
  • effective clergy for decades.
  • Drop the funding ban that is being used to stifle healthy discussions about accepting and respecting our LGBT sons
  • and daughters, church members and community members.

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