United Methodist Policies on Marriage and Holy Unions:

In 2008, the United Methodist General Conference affirmed both equal rights for couples regardless of sexual orientation and the definition of marriage as “one man and one woman.”   Additionally, clergy and local churches are prohibited from celebrating same-gender weddings or Holy Unions. For more information on United Methodist policies, click here.

Click here for the 2012-2016 complaint/charge process.

Responses and Policies from Reconciling Congregations:

*RMN has collected a variety of church policies, but this list is not exhaustive.  If your congregation would like to be included in this list, please email a copy of your policy to RMN Communications.

First United Methodist Church of Omaha, Nebraska

Foundry United Methodist Church (Washington, D.C.)

Park Slope United Methodist Church (Brooklyn, NY)

Trinity UMC (Kansas City, MO)

Dumbarton United Methodist Church (Washington, D.C.)

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