– by The SWTX Reconciling Team

Mary Ann Kaiser, a candidate for ordained ministry in The UMC, was preemptively rejected by the Board of Ordained Ministry on June 6, 2013 without an interview. An appeal is in process, and the Bishop has 30 days to review the polity, and rule on the legality of the process. More details can be found here and Mary Ann’s response can be found here.

We need to support Mary Ann by encouraging the Southwest Texas Conference Bishop by letter or email to offer a just ruling. We are asking you to take time and write him a personal message. Here is an example letter to get you started:


Dear Bishop Dorff,

As Christians we are called to love our neighbors, which includes as United Methodists, treating those in the ordination process with equity and respect. The Board of Ordained Ministry has stepped out of order in their decision to remove Mary Ann Kaiser from candidacy without an interview, which is in violation of the Book of Discipline.

I am asking you to prayerfully review this case. May the spirit guide you in your ruling to witness to Christ’s teachings on love and justice. This is a case of grace interrupted; we are creating barriers between a person’s call and God. Even Wesley understood that proof of God’s call is found in visible fruits of ministry and believed none who produced such fruit should be barred from ordination.


Bishop James Dorff’s contact information:

Address: 16400 Huebner Road – San Antonio, Texas 78248

Email: bishop@umcswtx.org

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